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Faceapp Pro Apk is the most used app of today’s time. It is using today’s youth and tries to see the face of your future through this app. This app is great and everyone is using it. It changes your face and molds it to more age. Faceapp helps your young face become an old man in a picture. Through this, you can see images with many wrinkles on the faces of famous actors and actresses. If you also like to see your photo as an old man then use this app and enjoy sharing it with your friends. Today all people post their photo with a friend using this app. This app has many features which force you to like it.

Faceapp Pro Apk

Faceapp Pro Apk


This app was created by the Russian company, it was made in February nearly three years ago. But at that time it was not so frenzied, but today this app is most liked. Today Faceapp Pro Apk has become the best photography application. This type of app will find you many on the google play store but this app is different, it is exciting and fun. Many people did not know Faceapp but for some time this app has been quite famous in all the people. Just have to store it on your mobile phone, it works smoothly on all android mobile phones. It is easy to download Faceapp Pro Apk.

Today you use WhatsApp facebook and other social sites, and you must have seen that many people face you have seen changing through the Faceapp which are quite fun. You can also make your photo fun with the help of Faceapp Apk and you can also share it with your friends. It is used for free on all mobile phones of Android. Its interface is quite simple, it can easily cloud your face using it. It easily identifies people’s faces and presents them with some special changes in front of you. This app offers a variety of different modes that help you to change your face in many ways. It helps the photo to look bigger and smaller than its age. Today, people are using more to show their face bigger.

Features Of Faceapp

In this app, you get many unique features which help you to change the image in many ways. We are going to tell you about this app in detail.

Change your age

Change your age With Faceapp

Faceapp pro Apk can cloud your selfie photo with some simple steps. You can be the owner of a fun selfie photo. This app can cloud your age in your photos. After using it, you can cloud your photos in an increasing age, or you can cloud photos of old age in photos of younger age. Fetches measured in the app can lower your age and do more. This app helps you to make babyface like a child, and also gives the look of an elderly person. But let us tell you that it only takes a fictitious picture in front of you, it is not real.

Add a beautiful smile

Change your age Faceapp apk

FaceApp integrates many filters for you. It has a fun filter in the numerous filter app that you can use to reduce or reduce your smile. Many times, when you click the photo, the smile does not come right and if you want to improve it then you can easily change it with the help of a smile filter. Using it will give your photo and good decoction. This feature helps to make serious pictures fun. No person likes serious faces. In this case, you are able to get a sweet smile with this filter, if you have an old picture and its smile is not good then use the Faceapp Apk as soon as possible and use it with a good smile.

Make face for the future

Make face for the future

Many people have this curiosity in mind that they will be seen in the future, so if you are eager to see yourself in the future, this app helps you. Through this app you can see yourself in the future, it designs your face in such a way that it shows you as the time to come. If you are 25 years old today, then you make this photo of 55 years old. Apart from this, you can change two faces of two people, on the face of men, it makes wrinkles in old age and shows your age more. There are many features in it which makes you crazy.

Look Younger

Women grieve that he wants to see himself young and fresh, but due to the rising age, all this is not possible. In this situation, Faceapp Pro Apk can be used. This app helps you to look younger. If you have an older photo, you can give him a young look through Faceapp Apk and you can share it with friends. Women are liking this app very much by because, making them young men in their old face and enjoying this app.

Hair color change

Hair color change By Faceapp

With the help of this app, you can also color the color of your hair. If your hair is white then you can blacken them. In this fashion of fashion, boys and boys in many ways, you are color hair. But due to the comical color, their hair gets damaged. Many people just color their hair so that their photos are good, but now you have an app that will give your child a colored look and will not allow any hair loss to you. We are talking Faceapp Apk this can mold your hair into any color and help you to do whatever cooler you have to do.

Add Amazing Tattoos

Add Amazing Tattoos Face app

You will not need any other means to add tattoos on the face, this app provides you many types of tattoos that you can use on your face as per your choice. Many people make odd poorer tattoos on their face and take photos of them, but here you do not have to make direct tattoos on your face. This app helps you to add a tattoo to your face. There are many types of category tattoos in its tools, which are given free to add to you. So download this app today and add tattoos on your face.

Swap Genders

Faceapp Swap Genders

After successfully downloading the app, you can cloud the genders in the photo, that means if you are a boy, then you can bring your photo to the picture as a girl, and if you are a girl, then you are your boy. Can see. On Facebook, many people hide their DP or mislead their friends by using an inaccurate DP. But now you will not need to get the wrong DP, with the help of this app you can cloud your photo genders and use it. This feature helps you to change gender. It does all this in a very short time.

Some Other Great Features of Faceapp Apk

  • Helps remove the numbered dark circle on the face.
  • Finding the beard/mustache style can change it.
  • You can make photos of Hollywood with an impression filter.
  • Along with changing hair color, it can be made smaller or bigger.
  • A new effect is given using the color effect in the photo.
  • Apply day and night makeup.
  • Join two photos together.
  • Helps to clean the face.
  • Change old black and white photos to color.
  • Use a variety of emojis.
  • Photo size change |
  • Make the photo look more beautiful using a cap and goggles.

FaceAPP Information

Apk Name FaceApp Pro APK
Publisher By FaceApp
Latest Version 3.4.12
Category Photos And Video
File  Size 12.1 MB

How to use FaceApp

The app is quite simple to use. First of all, you have to download Faceapp Pro Apk on your mobile phone, when it is successfully downloaded, then you have to download a selfie in your device or you must have your own photo. If you want, you can take photos of your smartphone. After this, you will have to open the app, adjust the photo frame on the screen and take the photo you want to modify inside the app and screen. Now you have many options available like you want to make the photo smaller or you want to make it old or you want to change the color of his hair. All this is possible through this app you can do it easy. You must have the internet to use all the options because is an online app. This way you can use any photo through any android phone.

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