Aptoide APK Download All Latest Version For Android,iOS,iPad & PC

Aptoide APK is the perfect platform for all kind of Android, iOS, iPad, and PCs. With the Aptoide app, you can upload all game software applications and everything related to mobile. It can download all the applications that are not possible on any other option of PlayStore.

This is a famous app. Where android users can download all android apps or games for free Aptoide Apk is a great app for downloading many kinds of apps. Which gives you all the facilities for free. Registration is not required to use this app, within which you get more than 300,000 applications, which you can easily download. Like other play stores available in the market, you receive all apps in Aptoide App. This app is a completely free app for all users.

About Aptoide APK

Aptoide APK

All of you must have heard the Google play store name Aptoide is also an option for google play store. This is a huge market for getting mobile applications free from where you can download all kinds of android application. In the Aptoide app, you get many versions, which you can use for your device. This is an app available for all types of devices. Aptoide works like the Google Play store It allows you to download apps and games for free. You do not have to pay any kind of payment for this. You can create your own app store inside it. And manage them. You can download this from our website for free.

In this app, you get a unique feature. It provides you with a unique rollback feature. Through which users can download the old version of their favorite app. You may have noticed that many phones and tablets do not support new versions, for this old version can be downloaded through this app.
The Aptoide user has the option to store themselves with filtered categories. Where you can find exclusive stores of your choice. You can store the downloaded app in the Aptoide app. From where you can update them. If you do not like the latest version of an app, you can rollback your old version for this.

Aptoide APK File Information

Aptoide APK File Information

You can get all information related to this Aptoide APK from our site. We have provided you all the information of this app below.

  • Package name: -cm.aptoide.pt (Aptoide APK)
  • Last updated: August 05, 2019
  • Required Android: – Android 4.0.3
  • Version: - (9122)
  • File Size: -23.1 MB
  • MD5: – 484810016824f4a6cb5e95465e602d2c
  • SHA1: -48beb9a44c10b1f74e6b5f4fd588168e4bf00a10
  • Downloads – 2.1 million users

Download Aptoide APK

We all know that these 300,000 applications can be downloaded for free. And it has more than 15,000 independent app stores. Which is enough for you to get all kinds of apps and application available. Aptoide allows many other companies and app developers to distribute their app. That’s why everybody wants to do it today. Not only does it allow you to download free games and applications, but it offers you paid games and applications for free.

1-First you go to the Download Aptoide link from your mobile browser.
2 -Install the Aptoide APK file from it.
3 -Click on the “add store” button on the screen.
4 -Now click on the top store available in the Stores section,
5 -Now you’re all set to run this app.
6 -Click on the search icon and search the Aptoide for easy downloading to the customer.

 Features of the Aptoide App

The Aptoide app is a great one which is very similar to the Google Play Store, but there are many specialties that you probably do not know about. We will tell you about it.

Aptoide App can be easily shared with any user, you can share it with your friends and family. No third party app is required to share this app with.
Adds free
Inside the app, you will not get annoying ads. This app is completely free of advertisements and in this way, it provides you with a better feature. In this, you can remove the add-on. This function gives you an ad-free app
Easily upload
If you want to upload an app you’ve created, this app gives you the free feature to upload the app. Can upload an app easily without any hassle.

Aptoide you can rollback your application. That means you can change any old version back to the new one. And you can run it again. You can use this feature at any time without any problems.
Multiple version
This app is available in many versions. The Aptoide users can download any type of version. And you can easily use it on ios, iPad, and pc.
One-click installation
This app gives you one-click convenience on your device. This allows you to download any app and application on one click. Because of this, it becomes easy for everyone.
Simple User Interface
Aptoide’s interface is built in such a way that it can be easily understood by all Aptoide users and they can use it in a simple way.

Aptoide For iOS

Aptoide For iOS

The Aptoide APK for iOS is a Play Store option, which is mostly used for downloading games and application for free. You can easily use it by installing it on the ios device. The Aptoide app is one of the best of Google Play Store’s competitors in all the options available in the market. Today all people use the iOS system more and they need such Aap to download the application. We make Aptoide downloads for ios. Download link for Aptoide iOS is provided on our site from which you can download it easily.
How can you download this app for your iOS device? The whole process is shared with detailed guidelines. After downloading this app store, you will be able to download many types of paid apps and games for free.

Aptoide For iPad

Aptoide For iPad

You all know that Aptoide APK is an open-source Android Store, which allows you to download apps and games in a secure way in your iPad device. It works just like Google Play Store. The Aptoid APK is a completely free application for the iPad. It also works successfully on iOS and PC. More than 400,000 apps and games have been downloaded so far through this app. It has a major rollback task that gives you the right to retrieve your old iPad app. It does not fetch you on any other app store.

If you want to know more about Aptoide iPad, please click on the button below. Here is a brief extension that helps Aptoide download and installs easily for iPad.

  Aptoide For iPad

Aptoide For PC

Aptoide For PC

The Aptoide for PC: There is a popular marketplace for downloading APK. There is no need to register for using it on pc. It is very easy to download Aptoide for pc. Users can create their own app stores and share it with anyone. You can take help of our website to download For PC. We allow you to download it. From here you can download it in an easy way. It’s easy to run on Aptoide APK PC and this app is not harmful to your PC. This virus is a Free app. To download it, go to the link given by us and easily Download Aptoide PC.

Benefits of Aptoide App

Aptoide app is a great app. We all know that there are different advantages of using it, which makes this app all the Android user’s favorite app store. Some of its benefits are as follows.

  • Offer to make private app stores.
  • Aptoide malware is free.
  • Aptoide works in publishing.
  • You get a partnership program in it.
  • All apps are available free of charge.
  • It supports the languages of the country.
  • Capable of working on all types of Android phones.
  • There is no restriction for app access in Aptoide.
  • All kind of application and games are free.

FAQ Based On Aptoide APP

FAQ Based On Aptoide APP

Q.1 – Can I download Aptoide my device for free?

Ans – Yes Aptoide APK can be used for any Android and ios device for free. This is a totally free app.

Q.2 – Is the Aptoide app free to use?

Ans – Yes, Aptoide is completely free to use. You are free to use this app for any app and application. This app makes all kinds of free apps available to you. Which you can download on your mobile phone.

Q.3 – Can I use the aptoide app in all countries?

Ans – Yes, there is no country Interruption to use Aptoide Apk. This is an independent app for use in all countries.

Q.4 – Is it available for ios device and pc?

Ans – If you want to use this app for your iOS device and PC then you can use it easily. For this, you can use our Aptoide PC or Aptoide ios page.

Q.5 – Where can I download the new and old version of Aptoide?

Ans – If you want to download the latest version of Aptoide and its earlier version, then you can go to our Aptoide All Version page and download the old version of the latest version for free.
Click here to go to the page.


With the Aptoide APK, you can get the application and the game for your Android device and ios device without any problems. All these features make you available free of cost. We have provided all the information related to Aptoide in our post to you that was necessary for you. This app helps you find and install any app. You can uninstall and update any app by this. It is compatible with various platforms like every version of PC, iOS, iPad, and Android. Hope this post is helpful for you. Be sure to comment below for any problem. if any information pls contact us.

Thank’s For visit our site.

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